Wall Tapestries with Frontier Spirit

The whole point of tapestries is to lend a note of artistry and interest to a room. Because they’re textured and stand apart from the wall, they really stand out in your décor scheme, so they have a lot of potential to make a splash. And tapestries with a western or Americana theme can be particularly good for your outdoor-friendly décor.

Southwest patterns are a great starting place. They come in varied colors, which means they can work with a lot of color schemes. And they can communicate either desert mystique or traditional lodge appeal, which makes them a versatile addition to your rustic home décor.

You might also choose certain landscape tapestries to capture that American frontier beauty. Scenes of the Rockies or desert mesas will be reminiscent of young America, and country landscape scenes give your wall a rural feel that might work perfectly with your particular rustic style.

For another look, equestrian-themed tapestries offer a distinct western look. They can be either ethereally beautiful or offer a bit of rodeo spunk. Either way, horses work great for a frontier-themed room, particularly if you are a horse lover yourself. Horses make a popular home décor item—the people who love them really love them.

If your rustic décor heavily features the American frontier, the right tapestry can add an artful expression that completes the look of your room. They can help take a western look to a graceful and beautiful level, and they can add vibrance to a lodge look. Whatever you choose, wall tapestries can be a great addition to your home’s décor.

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