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Have you seen this? is a social network designed just for fishermen to show off their catches, share gear they like, and just generally engage in online social interaction. It’s built a lot like Pinterest, and it pretty much looks like Pinterest except every photo pertains to the fishing lifestyle in some way. There are plenty of smiling catch-of-the-day photos, as well as flip-flop and sunglass product shares and a few recipes. So yeah: Pinterest for fishermen.

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

  • On the site you can browse Tackle Boxes created by other users to discover new things or get new ideas, tips and tricks from fellow fishermen. Or create your very own Tackle Boxes and “Hook” all your favorite images on a single web page you can find anytime. Even share your “Hooked” images with your Fishing Buddies to figure out the best tackle for the day before you guys head out.

Of course, FishyPic is not the first outdoors-specific social media site. There’s CamoSpace, which is like a cross between MySpace and Facebook—with member profiles, “friending” capabilities, and a news feed full of hunting stories and photos—and is exclusively for the hunting and fishing set. There’s also, which offers forums, blogs, photos and member pages, but it’s set up a little differently than other social media sites. It’s kind of an all-in-one thing.

What do you think? Are you into fishing and hunting social media? Let us know in the comments.

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