Black Bear Décor for Your Kids’ Room

Friendly black bears make a great addition to your kids' room.

In many areas of the world, the black bear is one of the images that immediately comes to mind when a person thinks about the beauty and charm of the countryside. It is a majestic animal and symbol of strength that has inspired many, from leaders to artists. It is also the inspiration for one of the most popular toys in the world—the teddy bear—and is a fascination of kids of all ages. As a result, you should consider embracing the black bear as part of any rustic design choices you make for your home including kids’ rooms.

Black bear decor consists of a wide range of items depicting black bears and related forest imagery. Items that work well in kids’ rooms include black bear wallpaper, curtains, room screens, lamps, hooks, bathroom accessories, blankets, rugs, door stoppers, switch covers, boxes, book ends and figurines. There are also black bear items made specifically for kids’ rooms such as kid-sized rockers, toy chests and sleeping bags as well as black-bear shaped furniture such as stools and chairs.

One of the advantages of using black bear decor is that it blends well with other wildlife decor and general forest themes. It also supports a rich rustic color scheme in shades of green, red and brown. The advantage of using black bear decor in a kid’s room is that whenever you use real-life or real-to-life black bear images, the designs and furniture can remain relevant for many years, reducing the need to repeatedly change the decor as your kids grow up.

You can use black bear decor throughout a room as the main focus point or place it in the background. For example, match black bear wallpaper to wildlife decor such as lamps depicting trout or blankets decorated with trees. If you have young kids, consider items depicting black bear cubs eating honey or climbing on each other, cartoon black bears or teddy bears. Whatever your budget or rustic theme, your kids will thank you for embracing the black bear in your design choices.

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