Western Decor Ideas

Southwest Living Room

Southwest Style Makes Versatile Home Decor

The images of the American southwest—desert landscapes, intricate Native American patterns, aged pottery and turquoise jewels—can be wonderfully versatile in a rustic room. Southwest styles can be austere and wistfully beautiful, cozy and homey, or even chic and elegant. In varying combinations, they can create very different—but equally gorgeous—looks.




Cabin Decor

Cabin Breakfast Nook

Kitchens Come to Life with a Bar or Breakfast Nook

Okay, so “breakfast nook” sounds super cutesy, but all the term really means is a casual place to eat. It might mean built-in benches with a small table, or a bistro table in just the right spot. However it’s constructed, a breakfast nook gives you a place to sit and enjoy a small meal before you head out the door. In the cabin, nooks and bars make perfect sense—they make a quiet place to enjoy that first cup of coffee and piece of toast, and they give you a place to stop and eat before you hit the trail or the water.