Cabin Decor

Whip up a quick meal with pantry staples

Cooking at the Cabin

If you’re not at your cabin or log home year-round, you probably don’t want to keep a lot of food there, particularly not anything perishable. Fortunately, there are some healthy meals you can make using only non-perishable and frozen foods. Here are some of the items you can leave at the cabin indefinitely and use to make healthy, flavorful meals when you arrive at the cabin.




Outdoor Living

Cabin wildlife includes backyard birds

Feed the Birds

Maybe you love the cabin lifestyle because it gives you the opportunity to get closer to nature. You love the thrill of outdoor activities, but it’s also nice to spend a little quiet time by the window with a warm mug, observing the wilderness just outside. A cabin offers the opportunity to see wildlife in a way you usually can’t in urban or suburban settings. One great way to get a little closer to nature is to feed the birds who live near your cabin.





Great skiing in lesser-known locations.

Surprise Ski Spots

Skiing can be a thrilling part of outdoor living. It’s something the whole family can do together, and it totally fits in with the whole lodge lifestyle with its affection for the outdoors and cabins full of traditional rustic décor. Even if your cabin isn’t located near a large ski Mecca, never fear: ski spots are tucked away in all kinds of corners of the U.S. No need to travel to a tourist-packed resort. You can probably find one off the beaten path that will offer great skiing.




Western Decor Ideas

Wrought iron bed with a western look

Decorating with Wrought Iron

There’s a lot you can do with wrought iron in a rustic setting. It gives a traditional look, but isn’t limited to just a few styles. Scrolls seem to be the most common design, but you can certainly find wrought iron items in other patterns as well. A rust finish can give a wrought iron décor item a rustic look, and wrought iron looks great in western settings as well. It communicates a certain frontier elegance. Here are a few ways you might incorporate wrought iron into your rustic décor.