Blazing New Trails

If you’re a lover of long hikes, chances are you’ve hiked the local trails again and again. And as wonderful as those familiar locales are, sometimes it’s good to branch out and explore new territory. How do you find new places to hike?




Social Media Just for You

Have you seen this? FishyPic.com is a social network designed just for fishermen to show off their catches, share gear they like, and just generally engage in online social interaction. It’s built a lot like Pinterest, and it pretty much looks like Pinterest except every photo pertains to the fishing lifestyle in some way. There are plenty of smiling catch-of-the-day photos, as well as flip-flop and sunglass product shares and a few recipes. So yeah: Pinterest for fishermen.

A Little About Us

About Us

A cabin is more than just logs and caulk. It represents a lifestyle. Here you\'ll find everything of interest to cabin aficionados. We use this space to talk about the fun of outdoor living, with facts, ideas and helpful hints about getting outside, whether your idea of outdoor fun is hunting and fishing or a simple hike. Along the way, here you\'ll also find a few tips and ideas for decorating the cabin you love. We\'re glad you stopped by to visit, and we\'d loved to have you checkout our sister site. We would also like to hear from you in the comments with feedback and your own ideas for living the cabin lifestyle to the fullest.

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